Microsoft Azure

Azure provides limitless, enterprise-grade global cloud infrastructure and services that can elastically scale in line with demand. These unique hyper scale capabilities enable us to provide a huge range of hybrid cloud solutions to meet our customers’ exact needs.

Azure Cloud Backup

Azure Backup provides enterprise-grade, infinitely scaleable data retention, which can protect and restore file, email and database data at outstanding value for money.
  • Backup of file, email and database data
  • Retention from 1 week to 10 years
  • Integration with existing investments
  • Replace old tape drives with cloud backup
  • Fully Managed and monitored
  • Above and Beyond Support
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Elastic Cloud Resources

Deploy your mission-critical applications globally and to any scale with extremely high availability. Whether it's individual mobile apps or a complete, complex retail website.
  • Usage metered by the minute or hours
  • Expertise to assist you with any project
  • Hybrid Integration with on-prem
  • Infinitely scaleable and always available
  • Fully Managed and Monitored
  • Above and Beyond Support
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dont have a meltdown When disaster strikes!

Ensure you’ve got top cover when a disaster strikes. A disaster recovery solution on Microsoft Azure for backup and disaster recovery is a cost effective, seamless way to ensure data continuity, compliance and peace of mind.

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Why Choose an Azure-based Solution?

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    50+ azure service Components

    There are up to 50 services based on Azure, ranging from elastic compute and storage through to business intelligence & machine learning. We use these components to build complete cloud solutions.

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    100% consumption Based

    Resources on Azure are all completely consumption based. You only get charged for what you consume! With predictable monthly billing and reporting, you only pay for it when you use it.

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    cost effective

    Utilising Azure is not only financially predictable but outstandingly cost effective. You get genuine enterprise-grade facilities at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

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    design & build services

    Extrinsica Global are experts in the design and build of solutions on Azure. Our accredited Cloud Solution Architects will define, design and refine the solutions to deliver your business objectives.

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    managed by experts

    We not only design and build solutions on Azure, we then fully manage those solutions for you once they have been deployed, giving you peace of mind that your solutions are being proactively managed by experts.

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    fully supported

    A team of expert system engineers are on hand should you encounter problems. All our solutions are fully managed and supported by the experts that build and design our solutions.

Don’t let a drama become a crisis!

Ensure you’re equipped to deal with disaster if it strikes. An Extrinsica Global disaster recovery solution on Azure will ensure you can sleep well at night.

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